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December 08 2014

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So it’s that time of the year again and while 2k14 is coming to a close, I wanted to make a quick follow forever for the holidays. Before I begin the list, i’d like to apologize if I forget anyone and we’re mutuals, so many people have changed their URLs and icons so I don’t recognize half the people I follow anymore lol but If i’m still following you up to this point you should feel special :-) anyway, here’s my follow forever in no specific order

stratfordsfinestbiebrauhlkingbieber ❅ sayitbieber ❅ zustin ❅ ashsonirwin ❅ biebswish ❅ cabellobriens ❅ jusstinbieber ❅ jesuschrists ❅ bieberfondues ❅ jarbarasquad ❅ cantbetamed ❅ destinyrauhl ❅ justinismydad ❅ talkofloves ❅ kushgranny ❅ nightnchanges ❅ beautynabeat ❅ davidlluiz ❅ colourfulheavens ❅ cleartomenows ❅ ofjdrews ❅ chngme ❅ treasureyous ❅ rnanar ❅ putyoud0wn ❅ justinscrew ❅ finnharriess ❅ ashtoninrwin ❅ secute ❅ bieberprince ❅ bebier ❅ thatsexybieber ❅ cyliejenner ❅ rrygoods ❅ holydrews ❅ ar4bia ❅ babyiwoulds ❅ haaleema ❅ biebsker ❅ justinjieber ❅ lloyal ❅ frickmejustin ❅ bealrightts ❅ chachibieber ❅ tylersposeys ❅ rihahna ❅ ihearmelodies ❅ fadedmornings ❅ rollarscoaster ❅ rockmafias ❅ rollercoastar ❅ bradick ❅ stratfordsweetheart ❅ wheniwasyourman ❅ takeawaysthepain ❅ whatyousdeservesfirstmarchrobertdownyeahshirwin ❅ pugkink ❅ justinsbibers ❅ sidethots ❅ connorswlash ❅ twerkferbieber ❅ shittiestblogger ❅ zarry ❅ dylonsobriens ❅ imsosickofjustinbieber ❅ freshbieber ❅ wrekingball ❅ ucked ❅ taakeyou ❅ richbiotch ❅ justinbieberthinks ❅ wingstosfly ❅ itsjustinsbieber ❅ canadastratford ❅ unsatisfieds ❅ happinessishardtofind ❅ queenmileyrays ❅ caylinrusso ❅ justinbiebae ❅ daddymaterial ❅ daddykinkash ❅ foreignremix ❅ letyouflys justinbiebern ❅ barackyroad ❅ loganlerms ❅ kustinbieber ❅ clitt ❅ djtayjamess ❅ lukiehennings ❅ sandrabbullock ❅ justinchrists ❅ mcdontgiveafuck ❅ rrygood ❅ thotcamp ❅ thotofyous ❅ ariagrndes ❅ ameth-st ❅ wreckinqz ❅ weekknd ❅ trashstin ❅ jzstinbieber ❅ sellingweedtojustinbieber ❅ morningsuns ❅ feliciathegoats ❅ sincerelystratford ❅ idioticteen ❅ justinbiebera ❅ ivstinbieber ❅ ohmybieber ❅ holdtighs ❅ makeyoubeleive ❅ thatshouldbemes ❅ icanmakeyoufeelperfect ❅ icantbelieb ❅ buggatibiebervelli ❅ connorwalshsquad ❅ ayebieber ❅ dicaprisuns ❅ strasford ❅ kianawley ❅ obrien-poseys ❅ stliniskis ❅ rootingforyoubaby ❅  sexybieb ❅ dadrauhl ❅ powerbieb ❅ jutsinbiebers ❅ jelenaisdead ❅ trashstins ❅ mileycyrauhls ❅ idontrecalls ❅ sosecute ❅ justindontrecall ❅ justinforeign ❅ thurstin ❅ thugstins ❅ dylans-obrien ❅ niyellhoran ❅ hometomama

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get to know me thing: 1/? favorite female characters - malia tate
"i don’t have much practice in things like… forgiveness. some things i’m picking up fast, but other things are like…"     "like math?"    “i hate math.”

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The wardrobe of Selena Gomez: a summary (insp)

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If you and your 42 classmates disappeared on your way to school, wouldn’t you want people to look for you?

If your child was burn to death, wouldn’t you want justice?

If your mom or sister was one of the thousands of women brutally murdered every single day, wouldn’t you want justice?

If your dad was one of the men they hung from bridges, wouldn’t you want justice?

This is what México is fighting for, every day tragedies where the state is involved, wake the fuck up!!!

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December 07 2014

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Reposted byMagya Magya
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I was driving on my way to Long Beach where we were filming [Allison’s death scene] and I couldn’t stop sobbing in the car. I’m like, really emotional so I had Florence + The Machine on. And I called him, I called Jeff and I said, ‘I don’t think I can let her go. I just don’t think I can do this. I can’t do this today.’ And he said, just gave me some really beautiful advice and he said, ‘You’re gonna do this. It’s going to be great and she is beautiful.’ And I’ll never forget that.”

— Crystal Reed on preparing for her last scene.
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Other Ways To Treat Yo Self


-take the nicest lotion you have and rub your entire body with it. Then, put on socks and climb into bed. Early. With a fuckin’ candle that smells like pumpkin or caramel or some dude you were into in college
-order the kind of takeout that’s usually for two people, like Indian or pizza, and don’t even worry about leftovers. HOUSE IT BABY. HOUSE IT ALL DOWN.
-go for a good long run and pretend you are being chased by zombies and have to rescue, say, Natalie Dormer or Miles Teller for kisses.
-buy a book that makes you feel fuckin good. I recommend Bad Feminist, Yes Please, Anonymous Asked from the darling Kelton Wright, Don’t Worry It Gets Worse by ME, Graduates in Wonderland, and if you’re not sure what to read, head over to a book store and find out
-I am aware you can make a face mask out of food with oatmeal or some shit, but I buy them. Anyway, slap some shit on your face and pretend you are an evil stepmother.
-send a long email or letter to a friend you miss, because you have people that care about you in different parts of the country I bet
-clean out your closet and donate the things you don’t want to a shelter or a charity
-walk by a DOG PARK OH MY GOD, or at least go for a long walk
-turn off your phone and computer for a whole evening, then wake up nice and early and see all the Instagram posts you missed
-spend 5 bucks on whatever gourmet, double shot, mocha with soy you want. And tip a dollar because it feels good.
-buy a pomegranate. Eat a pomegranate.
-wear your favorite outfit, do you hair, and put some extra mascara on for absolutely no reason or occasion at all
-sleep in for as long as you want, and then wake up and do exactly what you want all day, social norms be damned
-try not to feel so guilty about eating holiday candy or food, and also buy some holiday candy or food
-listen to something really sad and cry for a really long time, because sometimes it feels good to cry
-get a coloring book
-look in the mirror and give yourself a really big compliment
-take a really long time to paint your nails
-cover yourself up in a blanket extra early and watch something stupid that you have already seen a million times
-bake something you used to eat as a kid
-buy a six-pack and drink two of them, then keep it in your fridge when you need it, because emergency beers
-do your laundry
-stop talking to somebody who makes you feel bad
-accomplish something you have been procrastinating
-congratulate yourself on getting this far

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